Android Latest Version O is all set to Launch

Google just rolled out the first developer preview for its next Android version, Android O but only for developers. The tech giant launched its Android N (Nougat) last year which is not much used yet. The Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p and Pixel users can update their smartphones to avail the latest Android versions before any other phones. The version is not officially launched so it has some bugs too, but it’s quite wonderful to watch out the new features of the latest Android version. It is a developer preview so it is possible to watch some changes when it will be launched officially. Some of the feature revealed by the companies are:

1. Improved Battery Life

Battery life of phones is a big concern nowadays. All the users face a lot of problems due to short battery life, so the latest Android is designed to provide a better battery life by limiting the activities of the background apps.

2. Different Ways of Notifications

The latest Android comes up with a very innovative style of providing notification. Now users can divide the notification into various different categories such as sports, news, text messages, mobile updates, etc.

3. Adaptive Icons

This feature will help the icons of mobile apps to change their shape and size according to the different themes installed by the user. Due to this feature, the menu will look a lot different as compared to earlier version.

4. Picture – in – Picture

This feature was one of the most wanted features by the whole smartphone user base. With the help of this feature, now user can use another app while playing video in smartphones via minimizing it.

5. Better Keyboard Navigation

Google has introduced a new kind of keyboard navigation in its latest version of Android which specifically gives a better way to navigate around Android using the arrow and tab keys on your keyboard.

The company didn’t reveal the name of the Android version, but according to rumors in the tech world, the name is supposed to be ‘Oreo’. There is a lot to be seen in this new up gradation of the Android version which can be released in the month of August or September.

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