Top 13 Movies with Different Concept & Story

We all watch movies for fun and entertainment and the directors and producers spend a lot of money on them so that the viewers like and remember their movies. Every movie has its own genre, there are some romantic films, some action films, Sci-fi films, adventures, and comedy, but the story of some movies takes a special place in our heart. Not all romantic films are based on how boy and girl meet up and the story begins but sometimes it’s more than that and these movies are very well written and beautifully represented. So here is a list of 13 movies which you should watch in your life:

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

This movie has the most extraordinary and unique story that a movie can ever have. In this movie, a boy Benjamin born in a condition of old man and gets younger as the time passes. He falls in love with the girl named Daisy and gets married to her. As the time passes, Daisy becomes older but Benjamin becomes younger.

2. Inception

This is a sci-fi thriller film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb. He finds a way to enter into a person’s mind and steal their thoughts and ideas from their subconscious mind.  He becomes perfect in his work and one day got a contract to steal the ideas of a very sharp minded person which comes out to be a challenging task for him.

3. Hacksaw Ridge

This movie is based on a real-life story of Desmond T. Doss who refused to get armed with the weapons during World War II. He was tortured by his fellows and everyone demoralized him that he can do nothing but during the World War II, he surprised everyone after saving the life of 75 soldiers without using any weapons.

 4. Limitless

This is a great concept movie starring Bradley Cooper. In this movie, Eddie (Bradley Cooper) who is suffering from a girlfriend rejection found a drug which increases his brain capability to a great extent and using this he becomes successful in life but after some time the drug starts showing its side effects.

5. The World’s Fastest Indian

This is a real life story based on the life of Burt Munro. He modified his Indian bike and made an astonishing world record of attaining a top speed of 296km/hour which is a great achievement for any bike rider. His record is still unbeaten and this movie shows the struggles faced by him during his journey to the top.

6. The Butterfly Effect

The concept of this movie is very unique. In this movie, the Evan Treborn suffers from severe headaches and after some time he starts escaping from present and changing things from his past but soon he realizes that the things he is changing in the past also comes back at him, haunting in the present.

7. Bleed for This

This movie is based on the real-life story of a famous boxer Vinny Pazienza. He won two world title fights but unfortunately met with a car accident which makes him unfit for his boxing career but he struggles and after a lot of practice, he makes himself capable of fighting and winning the matches.

8. 127 Hours

This is a story of an adventure guy named Aron Ralston who is exploring the mountains of Utah but suddenly his leg slips and he falls inside an opening. His arm got stuck between two rocks from where he could not move out for help. He tried many methods to rescue his arm but remained unsuccessful. After many struggles, he sets himself free and runs toward the town where he gets treatment.

9. My Left Foot

This is an autobiography of a writer and painter Christy Brown who suffered from a disease named Cerebral Palsy. Facing problems of daily life, he slowly masters himself to write and paint with the help his left leg’s toes only. The movie shows his success story and the struggles faced by him.

10. Eddie the Eagle

This is a real story based movie. In this movie, a boy named Michael Eddie Edward wanted to be an Olympic player from childhood but he never succeeded in any sport. He went to Germany to learn ski jumping but got injured two times and then met the old champion Bronson Peary who trained him to become a star of 1998 winter Olympic.

 11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is a sci-fi drama film starring Jim Carrey (Joel) and Kate Winslet (Clementine) as boyfriend and girlfriend respectively. After a very painful breakup Clementine finds a way to erase all the memories with his ex-boyfriend Joel but when Joel realizes what is happening, he starts doing the same.

12. Lion

This is a story of an Indian boy Saroo who accidentally fall asleep in a train and the train takes him to the city of Kolkata. After surviving for some days, an Australian couple adopts Saroo and after 25 years, he again begins his search of his house with Google earth and some blurry memories.

 13. October Sky

This movie is the autobiography of Homer Hadley Hickam Jr. and it is based on the struggles faced him in his life. Homer was born in Coalwood and his father wanted him to be a coal mine worker but he was interested in rocket science and starts building rockets with his friends and finally got successful in the end.

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I am a lover of technology, but that is not the reason I chose engineering. I am gaming freak, I can die and kill for it. As you know the world is an insane place with strange stories, and I never miss an opportunity to know about them. To know more about me read what I write and you may get a clue.
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Mayank Thakur

I am a lover of technology, but that is not the reason I chose engineering. I am gaming freak, I can die and kill for it. As you know the world is an insane place with strange stories, and I never miss an opportunity to know about them. To know more about me read what I write and you may get a clue.